Our Story

Senka Wolf Gaming is a small community that is built by gaming enthusiasts, in the time we have spare we will play a variety of games online and single player. Senka Wolf Gaming also known as SWG had a FiveM server that was left in the dust until two members of the community decided to step up and make it into something. It was decided that the server was going to be transformed into a Trainer based Role-Play, allowing players to expand their imagination and use the resources to create role-play situations that bring entertainment and excitement to the members of the FiveM role-play server.

As of the 25th of April, 2019 the community started to advertise and expand, implementing more and enjoyable features to the server, it now has two law enforcement departments and a fire department. The civilian department is completely public for anyone to join in and be a part of, however, the law enforcement and fire department are whitelisted to make sure that the equipment is being used correctly and fairly.

Our Goals


The community aims to see our players create role-play situations that are great to be involved with but also entertaining to watch!


Our directors and leaders are continuously searching and researching plugins to implement into the server to keep the role-play fresh and enjoyable.


Senka Wolf Gaming brings people together, creating new friendships and online families.