Revision: 03/05/2019

Server Rules & Regulations

Any issues in the server must be dealt with by the moderators/admins. These rules apply to direct messages and voice channels. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the following consequences: warn, mute, kick, ban. Punishment is down to staffs discretion.

General Rules

  • Don't bully anyone.
  • Don't annoy people in the channels.
  • Don't disrespect other users and management.
  • Do not provoke or harass other users.
  • Listen to instructions from senior members.
  • Don't broadcast private messages from other users.
  • No harassing other users.
  • No profanity of any kind.
  • Do not talk over people.
  • Do not use banter as an excuse to be a dipstick.
  • You must abide by TeamSpeaks’s & Discord's Guidelines and Terms of Service.
  • All moderation is done ONLY by staff.
  • Disrespecting, discriminating, trolling or abusing other communities will result in a ban.
  • Connecting using a VPN without permission is FORBIDDEN.
  • Targetting another user is FORBIDDEN.
  • Threatening to DDoS is FORBIDDEN.

Usernames & Nicknames

  • No inappropriate usernames this includes but not limited to being offensive, explicit or defamatory.
  • No impersonating other people, staff or users.
  • No inappropriate avatars.


  • Any form of advertising is not permitted.
  • Don't advertise without permission from the Founder. This includes but not limited to messages, name and etc.
  • No linking to other servers.

Inappropriate Content

  • Politics and other ‘sensitive’ subjects should not be discussed.
  • Use of IP trackers or other malicious gathering tools are strictly prohibited.
  • Use of Selfbots are against the rules, any use of them here is prohibited.
  • Suggesting the use of the above is also against the rules.
  • No talking About the use of torrents.
  • No voice changers/soundboards allowed.

Channel Use

  • Text Channels should only be used for their named purpose.
  • If you are playing a game, move to a gaming channel.
  • English is only language to be used.
  • No spamming.
  • No arguing.
  • No use of excessive caps.
  • Posting of personally identifiable information is not allowed.
  • No Streaming and Recording in any rooms except from the dedicated rooms.
  • Streaming or recording users from this Teamspeak server without permission of all parties involved is FORBIDDEN.
  • Don't disturb people in 'Do Not Disturb' (DND) channels.