Revision: 25/05/2019

Server Rules & Regulations


All resources for the LEO/EMS vehicles, ped skins etc are available to all however it is forbidden to be used unless you have applied. Members with callsigns and the appropriate access on the CAD system can carry out these roles. Anyone found roleplaying as LEO/EMS without correct autorisation will be warned or banned based on a case by case basis.

Ingame Name

Your name in game must respect the form "Firstname Lastname" and not include word games such as ‘I am Asian’.

Bug Abuse

Abuse of a bug is totally forbidden, if you discover a bug, it is your duty to report it on the Discord server. In the case of use of a bug (to benefit you or not), you will be severely sanctioned by a ban based on a case by case basis. If you are a victim of an InGame bug, take a screenshot and contact a member of staff immediately via Discord.

Random Deathmatch (RDM) / Deathmatch (DM)

The (R)DM is totally forbidden, it consists in killing someone for no particular reason / valid reason. Murder is a serious act, which must be used in case of extreme necessities. You must embody your character to the maximum, you will not act the same way if you are a policeman or a journalist. Killing represents an act that pursues you all your life, be careful to always remember that you embody a character. A scene must be engaged between yourself and your intended target before initiating a murder. It is the same for kills with minimal reasons. You are not going to kill someone just because he/she insulted you.

Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

VDM means originally, kill with a vehicle. Crushing to kill is strictly forbidden and punishable. Bumping into a player is allowed only if the life of the character is not directly threatened. This rule does not apply to law enforcement if lethal force is authorised.


During robberies, it is important that a negotiation scene is engaged between the robbers and the LEOs. If the negotiations are dropped, a 10 seconds cooldown need to be taken in consideration before a shooting can start.


Powergaming consists of two things: to commit an unrealistic act or to force the roleplay so as to leave no chance of response to other players, to benefit in the scene ... etc.

  • Examples:
  • Daniel Siegler slips his hand into the man's pocket in front of him and steals his money, keys and phone. (This is forcing the RP).
  • Samuel Cardillo jumps off the cliff, lands on both legs and resumes his run. (it's an unrealistic act).


Metagaming is using OOC (Out Of Character) information in character (IC). Metagaming is strictly forbidden and will be met with strong sanctions. Only Patrol Channels on TeamSpeak and in game Voice Chat/Text chat can be used to transmit IC informations. Also, saying that you were using a radio is not an excuse unless used appropriately.

  • Examples:
  • A player in a Civilian Room on TeamSpeak with another player but they are too far from each other IC but still communicate about IC actions or IC information.
  • A player is on TeamSpeak/Discord/etc and tells other players in the same OOC channel to go to a place IC.

Revenge Kill (RK)

When you die, you forget who killed you, how and when: you leave the hospital forgetting this. You must be a good player and accept defeat. Keep playing without wanting revenge. Do not return to the scene after your death since the scene is surely not over. Wait for the scene to finish or do something else, but do not intervene in any way in the scene where you were killed (whether to shoot, investigate, transport people etc.).

The revenge kill rule does not apply if you have not been killed but you must have a minimum of realism: you can not get up after being shot by a rifle while you were wearing a bulletproof vest as if nothing had happened and attack directly. This can be sanctioned for powergaming.


Jumping several times to go faster is totally forbidden, even if you are all alone and you are doing bunny to go somewhere IC, you do not have to bunny.


  • There are two types of languages on the server:
  • The word IC,(In Character), which represents InGame actions or InGame description.
  • The word OOC (Out of Character), which represents everything that has to do with the real world.

It is forbidden to mix the two languages. (Ex: /ooc search the vehicle of the suspect, what do I find?). People doing so will be warned then kicked.

Heal During Combat

In shootouts, fights, brawls, ... you are strictly forbidden to heal yourself or someone else. Indeed, it is unrealistic to heal in a few minutes during an action and leave as if nothing had happened.

Use Of /me

The /me command allows you to have your character perform an action in the chat. (Ex: "Jones Tucky walks to the bar, raises his hand and is about to talk"). In order to allow everyone to know what your character is doing, if no game mechanics for the said action are available, you are asked to use the /me as often as possible.

External Software

Usage of external software to benefit you on FiveM servers is strictly prohibited on SWGRP, especially cheat software. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to permanent ban. At any time, if the victim asks you to stop, you must do so.

Away From Keyboard (AFK)

AFK, away from keyboard literally means "Absent from his keyboard", it is about people not in front of the game. The AFK is authorized but it is strongly advised to leave the server if one is absent.

OOC During Scenes

OOC during scenes is by definition forbidden. You absolutely must play the scene, whatever happens and even if you notice inconsistencies / abuses / non-roleplaying act. In case of dispute, you must report on the appropriate Discord channel. However in some cases, to reframe the story, one can use the OOC briefly. The OOC during scenes is liable to kick or banishment depending on the situation and level. Only Staff members have the opportunity to cut a scene and come to a place in a OOC way.

OOC Through Voice Chat

Using Out Of Character through the voice chat is not authorised. If you need to talk OOC then use // directly. Abuse of OOC through voice chat will lead to a kick or ban.

OOC Debating

Debating/arguments through OOC chat on the server is strictly forbidden. Use the Discord for anything that could lead to abuse of OOC in game.

Exit The Game To Avoid A Scene

When a player leaves the game the server announces it automatically and is logged. People leaving the game to avoid embarrassing scenes (Ex: an arrest) will be heavily sanctioned. Similarly, people leaving the game to avoid being sent to jail by the police will be punished in the same way.

Character Kill (CK)

Just like in any RolePlay game, your character can often be killed without being forced to create another character, you simply forget everything about the scene or scenes related to the murder. (This is called PlayerKill or PK). CHARACTER KILL (CK) means that your character is definitely dead. If your character is CK, you are forced to change character, which usually amounts to a change of identity, personality, job and / or faction. This act having very serious consequences, a CK can not be effective if and only if the Staff Alpha or Beta has agreed. The person(s) wanting CK a character is / are required to make a request to Staff before performing the action.

Shootings & Brawls Being Civil

It is strictly forbidden for one or more civilians to organize shootings or brawls against gangs. You must act in a appropriate way when confronted by a gang, a sensitive areas and especially retaliation. A gang is a large criminal organization with a lot of weapons. Because of this, it makes sense that you do not have to provoke gangs purely for pleasure or to seek action. However, if you want to kill a gang member with good reasons, you can do it in a realistic setting and very quickly.

Fear Roleplay

When confronted to situations that could lead to PK, fear roleplay should be initiated, commonly abbreviated 'FearRP', which is the concept that your character is afraid to die.

Value Your Life (NVL)

If someone has a gun to your head act accordingly.

Criminal RP For Official Jobs

Criminal RP for LEOs and EMS is strictly forbidden. If you want to become a criminal, you will have to leave your current job through a proper roleplay scene.


Judges will only be used on organised RolePlay where staff members have been informed and can only be played by the Delta Staff and above.

Roleplay Scenario List RP Equipment (Weapon & Armour Usage)

The below equipment can be used alongside the roleplay scenario list found within the Community Handbook. Using equipment outside of these guidlines will be classed as FailRP.

  • Low:
  • Weapons: Handguns & Melee.
  • Armour: Light Body Armour.
  • .
  • Medium:
  • Weapons: Handguns & Melee.
  • Armour: Light Body Armour.
  • .
  • High:
  • Weapons: Shotguns, SMGS & Low End Assault Rifles.
  • Armour: Standard Body Armour.
  • .
  • Extreme:
  • Weapons: High End Assault Rifles, LMGS & Explosives.
  • Armour: Heavy Body Armour.

Weapon Wheel Usage

All players must appropriately use the in-game weapon wheel. If you can physically carry a weapon concealed on a person then you may select that weapon from the weapon wheel. Anything like a shotgun, rifle etc. would need to be either carried in hand, in a bag (e.g. parachutes or duffle bag), in a vehicle or stored at a location. You must goto the appropriate storage point and use /me command or hint in voice chat (make rustling noise etc.) to signal you are grabbing the weapon or going through your bag.

Disassembled Weapon RP

In order to avoid abuse, this type of RP may only be used in conjunction with certain high and all extreme roleplay scenario categories. When assembling the weapon you must use /me and your character must have suitable clothing which can store a disassembled weapon. T-shirt and trousers are not acceptable and will be classed as FailRP. You would need cargo trousers, a large jacket, a bag or other adequate clothing with large storage capacity. Also depending on the weapon (size), attachments and amount of ammo this will also vary the required storage capacity. Rocket/grenade launchers can NOT be disassembled.

Sniper Rifle

In order to avoid abuse, the sniper rifle weapon is reserved for high ranking police and authorized civilians. In addition, sniper rifles are prohibited in shooting, retrenchment and robbery. Sniper is only allowed in case of discrete targeted assassination, that is to say, a scene in itself, not related to shootings, entrenchments, robbery and they are forbidden to use from the ground. The transgression of this rule can lead to be kicked from the game. RolePlay engagement still need to take place before any shot is taken by the sniper. To become a authorized civilians you must request this by contacting a admin.

Black Market

Los Santos port and customs control are very efficient and highly successful in preventing illegal items being brought in. This said nothing is 100% perfect which means you can RP smuggling rare weapons in however ammo and number of guns should be limited because if you tried to smuggle a large amounts of weapons/ammo then you would get caught. Also RP that you smuggled them in over a period of time for a larger stash is allowed however you need to RP them being smuggled in and you can only do one run daily (Real Life Day) and LEO’s must be online to do this. On a smuggle run you can only take one weapon and a limited number of ammo. Rocket launchers and explosives like proximity mines you can only store a maximum of 3 rounds. If you use more in a RP situation then this will be classed as Deathmatch (DM) and/or FailRP.

Ammo Types

You are forbidden to use Explosives, Incendiary, Armor Piercing, Full Metal Jacket and Tracer Rounds. The military may use Armor Piercing, Full Metal Jacket and Tracer Rounds. Failure to follow this rule will result in FailRP.

Vehicle Pursuit

If you have nothing to fear, it is completely useless to start one. Vehicle Pursuit without valid reasons or lack of action are punishable. During a Vehicle Pursuit, you can ride at full speed. Play any major accident scenes that may occur, barrels roll, and of course it is completely forbidden to kill people with your car without valid reasons (becoming VDM).

Terrorist Roleplay

This type of roleplay is allow under certain curcumstances, it must not be racists or stereotypical to a group or culture. It also must be agreed beforehand by server admins before any Terrorist RP can be carried out. If you break this rule, you will be banned as if you would have committed DeathMatch.


Kidnapping is the abduction of a person for the general purpose of asking ransom money from relatives. LEOs will not pay ransoms for the release of someone. Kidnapping scenes must be realistic and well played, so it is forbidden to kidnap anyone randomly: it is important to have a valid reason to perform this action, because you risk several years in prison. It is also forbidden to call a job (Mechanic, Taxi, Police, EMS, etc.) with the sole intent to kidnap the member who goes to the place of call. It is prohibited to kidnap for racketeering, a kidnapping is more serious and generally lasts longer than a racket and aims to extract several thousand dollars. It is totally forbidden to kidnap EMS.

Trainer Menu

The trainer menu means our server has no economy. However this does not mean you are allow to spawn inappropriate vehicles/weapons for a RP situation. Every situation should use the appropriate resources. E.g. If your roleplaying as a average joe citizen you can’t have a Bugatti vehicle which costs up to $2,998,000. Abuse of the above will see you given a warned or even banned from our server.

Clean Up

After a RP situation is over, the scene must be cleaned and restored to normal before you may leave to carry out another RP. You can use the /dv command to delete vehicles or in the trainer menu you can use Misc Settings > Developer Tools > Clear Area. However RP cleanup should still be carried out and these commands should not be abused.

Restricted Areas

Entering the military base is prohibited! There is no way in real life that you are going to get into a United States military base, it's not possible, there are too many armed guards and gates and such, it's not realistic, and will be considered failure to roleplay and you will be punished.

Entering mission row detention area is prohibited, there are too many armed police officer, cameras, security panels, etc., that you would have to get past, this is not realistic, and will be considered failure to roleplay which, in turn, will result in a ban!

Regarding the hospitals, stay on the first floor. Any other floor is off limits unless a medic or doctor permits you to walk to the second floor. There would be to many security cameras and guards for you to walk up there. That or behind the counter on the first floor (the reception.).

Restricted Vehicle Thefts

Stealing military vehicles is prohibited, including but not limited to: tanks, fighter jets, infantry transport vehicles, UAZ’s, military fuel tankers, cargobobs, and armed military helicopters.

Stealing any Emergency Vehicle from any station (Police Station, Sheriff's Office, Hospital, Medical Center, Ranger Station, Fire Station, etc.) is considered FAIL RP and will result in a ban without hesitation. Realistically, there's too much security at those locations for you to get anywhere close to one. Player-owned Emergency Vehicles can be stolen but only well away from these high-security locations.

Stealing AI cops cars or ambulances is bannable period. The AI are not intelligent enough to respond to such behavior.


If you are initiating a vehicle pursuit with a LEO and you are using a high powered vehicle don’t go full out on the throttle. It’s unfair on LEO’s who are in restricted vehicles and using multipliers are not realistic. It spoils the fun when LEO’s can’t keep up and suspects drive by trying to bait for a pursuit.


Multipliers should be used responsibly and not for creating unrealistically fast vehicles. Multipliers should only be used on low end vehicles or torque multiplier for drifting. Abuse of this feature may result in a warning or ban depending on the case. Don’t make us have to remove this feature.


When the Area Of Play (AOP) is set within a certain area players are forbidden to leave the area unless are in a active pursuit, if either LEO or Civilian lose each other they must return to the AOP immediately. When a restricted AOP is being used duristrictions are void and any LEO should remain to RP within their respective division. Duristrictions apply when the AOP is state wide.

Inappropriate Vehicle Usage

Vehicles with guns, parachutes, armour or jump ability are prohibited to be used. These are unrealistic and would not be vehicles which civilians would be able to obtain. Also bullet proof tyres are prohibited. Exceptions will only be allowed if a agreed scenario has been made with server admins.